CEO Message

Doosan Machine Tools Vice President Kim Jae Seop

Thank you for continuously supporting
DN Solutions.

Dear shareholders and customers,

We wholeheartedly welcome customers who visit DN Solutions.

As you are no doubt aware, DN Solutions started out as a machine tool business when the construction of its Changwon plant was completed in 1976. In 1979, the company’s production of machine tools exceeded 1,000 units, and in 1980 we launched Korea’s first NC lathe, the PUMA10, developed with Korea’s own technology, on the market.

We started to pioneer overseas markets in 1981, and achieved extremely high growth with production exceeding 10,000 units in 1990, and cumulative shipments of 50,000 units in 2000. We further expanded our growth base by taking over the machine tool business sector of Doosan Mecatec in 2007, and launched an independent company specializing in machine tools in May 2016. In this way, we strengthened our competitiveness in the domestic and overseas machine tool markets while simultaneously laying solid foundations for our drive to become a global TOP leader. The new company name, DN Solutions, which we adopted earlier this year, embodies the idea of ‘NOW & NEW’, meaning that Doosan Machine Tools, which has gone through ‘Daewoo’ and ‘Doosan’, will not allow itself to become complacent about past growth but will resolutely pioneer a new path based on constant challenges. 

Over the years, our machine tools have generated enormous import substitution effects at various domestic and overseas industrial sites and become a cornerstone in the development of the country’s main industries, and we feel proud and rewarded by the fact that world-class companies and customers produce the products they want to build using Doosan machine tools. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our customers for the encouragement and affectionate advice they have given us in supporting this achievement.

DN Solutions is faithfully performing its role as a global standard leader with the goal of becoming a WORLD TOP BRAND in quality, technology and sales, thereby securing the status of Global Top Three. We now aim to make a major leap forward to become a Manufacturing Solutions Leader that provides solutions beyond the MACHINE GREATNESS needed to produce excellent products. 

All the employees of DN Solutions including myself will do their best in the future in the belief that providing the best quality and services that satisfy the customers is the only way to develop together with the customers. We hope that you will continue to give us your unwavering support and encouragement. We promise to build trust with our dealers and partners in the future and provide ever greater value to our customers. Thank you very much.

Doosan Machine Tools CEO Kim Jae Seop