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New Challenge for Effective Machining of High-Precision Parts

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One-stop Parts Machining

CMC’s purchase of Doosan’s PUMA ST32G in February 2014 has led to dramatic improvements in the company’s diverse and complex machining processes. The PUMA ST32G is capable of machining all kinds of parts including not only those components which were previously processed on small fixedhead lathes but also a variety of other small production parts. The machine tool has been optimized for the processing of diverse materials including steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.
In addition, the tooling set provided as a standard feature with the PUMA ST32G ensures that small, complex precision parts are processed quickly and accurately. The machine’s standard tooling set consists of six static turning tools; four cross-milling (rotary) tools including milling tool holders; two static and two milling holders on the back tool post; and two static sleeves for deep-hole drilling. On top of all that, special tool holders are also available for thread whirling, adjustable angled milling, polygon turning, and slitting saw applications.

Secrets behind CMC’s Productivity Improvement

When asked about the secrets behind CMC’s productivity improvement, Bryan Webb, the company’s senior engineer, pointed to Doosan machine tools, saying, “Doosan machines are fast, quiet and accurate.” He added that by using the PUMA ST32G, in particular, CMC has achieved ±2~3μ accuracy on parts and part features and reduced the cycle times from 3 minutes to as little as 80 seconds.
For instance, on the PUMA ST32G insulator components are made from 316 stainless steel in batches of 3,000 in one operation with only 8 seconds idle time on the sub-spindle, while the part cycle time is 2 minutes 3 seconds. Director Gervase Winn said, “The PUMA ST 32G is a high-performance lathe that, in truth, has similar specifications to a number of other advanced sliding head machines currently available on the market. Having said that, it has a number of very specific advantages over its competitors.”

Maximum Operational Convenience coupled with High-performance

The PUMA ST32G delivers remarkable improvements in terms of both operational convenience and the optimization of productivity and cycle times. Its lifting door improves the operator’s access when setting up jobs and undertaking maintenance operations; whereas its spacious work area minimises potential interference from and between adjacent tools, thereby reducing the need to remove tools during setting- up. As for the other advantages associated with Doosan machine tools, Director Simon Farr of CMC referred to “Doosan machine’s competitive prices coupled with the outstanding back-up and technical support we receive from Doosan machine’s local dealer.” Yet other machine-specific advantages include the machine’s high-efficiency swarf management system and parts catcher, which ensure a reliable machining process and enable trouble-free, lights-out production.
The PUMA ST32G has been in continuous operation machining small, complex high-precision parts in both medium and high-volume batches for a diverse range of customers operating in the hydraulics and pneumatics, automotive, agriculture, electronics and 3D printing equipment markets. CMC plans to maintain the success story it has realized through its investments in Doosan machine tools.