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Why has ‘a Japanese machine tool enthusiast’ decided to buy Doosan Machine Tools?

Customer Story_Seongji Precision

Despite the current worldwide economic slowdown, the company’s factory is as busy as ever. Regarding the reason for this success, the company’s CEO Untae Baek said, “We never say ‘No!’ to our customers.” He went on to say, “When asked ‘Could you make us such or such a thing?’ we always say, ‘Yes!’ regardless of the size of the product order involved. Indeed, we have always said ‘Yes!’ no matter how busy we are, and always respond to our customers positively, even when we are exhausted. That is how we have stayed busy for the past ten years irrespective of the quantity of work orders.”
“Our consistently positive attitude toward our customers’ requests has led to our rise as a manufacturer of high-precision parts and components for technically extremely demanding industries. Naturally that has driven us to pay attention to the Swiss Turn.” CEO Baek added, “I have been searching for ‘the best Swiss Turn’ that will enable Seongji Precision to machine everything its customers need for decades. I think I have become an expert on the Swiss Turn in my own right. Actually, I began to use the Swiss Turn three decades ago – twenty years earlier, before I started my own business.
I have witnessed all the changes that have taken place in turning centers worldwide. I think that it is my time-honored experience that has given me a slightly different perspective on machine tools from many other people in the industry. Most people blame their new machine tools when things do not go the way they want.
I believe that there is no such a thing as a good or bad machine tool. The truth is that machine tools are just different from one another, and have different pros and cons depending on the suppliers. It is up to machine tool buyers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the machine tools they would like to purchase with regard to their production systems and the finished goods they want to roll out.

Encounter with the Doosan Swiss Turn

It was never an easy task for CEO Baek to purchase the PUMA ST26GS, his first Doosan Swiss Turn, because he had used only ever Japanese Swiss Turns before. CEO Baek said, “I did not care much about the news that Doosan had begun to produce its Swiss Turn. But I had a change of heart and realized that the Doosan Swiss Turn was just as good as the Japanese Swiss Turn after having carefully examined its features and suitability for our work environment, as well as the results of cutting tests and the review of ergonomic designs among other factors.
CEO Baek said, “In the beginning I was a bit concerned because it was our first trial of a Doosan machine tool on the ground. Now we are completely satisfied with it. The ‘Doosan’ brand is powerful. I am sure that Doosan Swiss Turn will perform very well in the market. There is no question that a wider use of domestic machine tools will lead to their further development, which in turn will not only expand local buyers’ purchase options but also boost the level of local machine tool production technologies.

For More Robust Win-win Cooperation

CEO Baek reiterated that the PUMA ST26GS has improved his company’s overall production efficiency. Regarding Doosan’s after-sales services, he said, “What has impressed me the most is the company’s education and training. Our employees have been trained at the company’s head office. As a result, our work speed on the factory floor has picked up markedly. I am grateful to Doosan for having focused on improvements in machine operators’ fundamental capabilities through education and training.
To Become a Leader in the Area of Multi-variety and Small-batch Production I just hope that there will be more communication between Doosan and our firm concerning tech support and after-sales services for even more robust win-win cooperation between us.” Lastly, CEO Baek mentioned his plan to purchase additional Doosan machine tools in addition to its current stock - the PUMA ST26GS (32-type & 20-type) - as evidence of his trust in Doosan as its long-term business partner.

To Become a Leader in the Area of Multi-variety and Small-batch Production

“More companies are moving toward production diversification as a means of achieving sustainable growth. Our company is different. We started out as a ‘multi-variety and small-batch producer.’ I am convinced that if we do not deviate from the path we have pursued thus far, we will be able to cope with the ongoing worldwide production trend perfectly. It is high time we took bold measures to step forward as a leader in the field and enhance our market leadership through our continuous endeavors.”