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Machine Tool Productivity and Corporate Competitiveness Boosted with the PUMA ST20GS!

Customer Story_Wonjin tech Co.

CEO Hyochan Jeong established Wonjin Tech with the technical know-how he had accumulated in developing new automotive parts for Korea’s largest automobile manufacturer over several decades. Since overcoming the usual difficulties faced by start-ups for the first couple of years, Wonjin Tech has continued to grow year after year. It now has 62 employees and posts an annual turnover of around KRW 10 billion won.

Prominence in QCD functioning as the bedrock for growth

CEO Jeong said, “Ever since its inception, Wonjin Tech has placed considerable emphasis on the following three challenges : improvement of onsite processes, reduction of defect rates, and enhancement of productivity. As such, the company has never hesitated to invest in cutting-edge machine tools and automation solutions. Over time, we have earned widespread recognition from our customers for our excellent product quality, reasonable prices, and prompt delivery - all of which have naturally led to the company’s continuous growth over the years.” Wonjin Tech says that it pays special attention to quality assurance in order to meet its customers’ high standards above all other considerations. Through the establishment of a rigorous quality control system, the company has succeeded in reducing its defect rates remarkably over the past few years.
Recently, its customers’ high level of satisfaction with Wonjin’s excellence in terms of quality, pricing, and productivity has been proven by a sharp increase in turnover. In 2010, the company posted a whopping 89% increase in sales largely due to its exclusive production of key parts for a frontwheel- drive 6-speed automatic transmission for the big automaker while the component previously had been under development along with another parts manufacturer. The automaker also began to install the company’s automatic transmission in its other types of automobiles in 2010. Since 2011, the company has been growing by more than 20% a year, and is expected to grow by as much again in 2015, despite the difficult conditions in the domestic market, by diversifying its customer base and exporting some of its products overseas.

Enhanced competitiveness with Doosan machinetools

Wonjin Tech is maintaining its focus on achieving sustainable corporate growth. The company has dispatched its employees to a number of renowned machine tool exhibitions and major machine tool manufacturers’ new product launches. The company says that it fully recognizes that its machine tools have no less an impact on an auto parts manufacturer’s competitiveness than its optimized production systems and high-caliber engineers. For the past few years, the company has continued to make investments in Swiss-type turning centers capable of rolling out finished goods in one single operation. As part of its strategy, it purchased Doosan Machine Tools’ Swiss Turn PUMA ST20GS in 2015.
Wonjin Tech began to show interest in the PUMA ST20GS when its employees took part in a Swiss Turn presentation event hosted by Doosan Machine Tools. After careful study, the company decided that it was the most appropriate machine tool for the manufacturing of its parts currently under production, greatly appreciating the fact that it could make up for the shortfalls of other companies’ Swiss-type machine tools. The company has since purchased the PUMA ST20Gs. CEO Jeong said, “During the product presentation event, our staff visited Doosan’s head office. While we were considering the purchase of its Swiss Turn, Doosan Machine Tools proactively responded to our inquiries, which also played a key role in our decision to purchase it.”

PUMA ST20GS makes up for shortfalls of other Swiss Turns

Before mentioning the technical superiority of the Doosan Swiss Turn, Wonjin Tech wanted to emphasize the fact that the after-sales service provided by Doosan Machine Tools has been most impressive.
Another critical factor that persuaded Wonjin to opt for the Doosan Swiss Turn was the machine tool’s ‘rapid feed-rate’ feature which, as well as being much faster than that of rival tools, also helps improve productivity and reduce manufacturing costs. Specifically, Doosan Swiss Turn completes the cutting of various work-pieces about 10% faster on average than its nearest competitors, enabling Wonjin Tech to improve its productivity significantly. Moreover, the Doosan Swiss Turn’s cutting performance is powerful and stable; thermal error is minimized; and durability has been enhanced.
CEO Jeong praised the Doosan Swiss Turn highly, saying, “Through our firsthand experience of a Doosan machine tool, we have rediscovered the real value of the Doosan brand. We will consider purchasing additional Doosan Swiss-type turning centers once we have decided whether to make extra investments in Swiss Turns.”

Move on and develop its own items

Wonjin Tech refuses to become complacent with its current situation. It continues to make additional investments in its production systems, while striving to upgrade its current manufacturing processes. The company plans to expand its business portfolio based on its technical superiority, which it will continue to strengthen. Currently, it is a second-tier parts supplier for automakers: Its long-term goal, however, is to diversify its customer base - including overseas automakers - while developing its own products and marketing them globally. That is why Wonjin Tech has begun to pay keen attention to R&D as well as the expansion of its sales network. Wonjin Tech meets every challenge head-on with bold investments and improved product competitiveness. It is expected that the company will be able to launch its own state-of-the-art products under its own brand name very soon.