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High-speed Machining, Maintenance of Highly Stable Machining, and Accurate

Customer Story_IMAC Systems Inc.,

Most spare parts used for measurement and control systems require a high level of machining accuracy. For that reason, the relevant parts manufacturers demand machine tools that can deliver heavy and interrupted cutting, long-term precision accuracy, and superior surface finishes. IMAC Systems Inc. located in Pennsylvania, USA, researched various multitasking machine tools supplied by world-renowned machine tool manufacturers to find the most suitable machine tool. It was Doosan’s PUMA 2600SY that found its way to IMAC’s shop floor for its 'strength, speed and accuracy' as a multitasking turning center.


Meeting the Needs of High Speed, Tight Tolerance, High Accuracy, and Optimum Surface Finish

IMAC Systems Inc. (hereinafter IMAC) specializes in gas measurement and control systems. The company's precision machine shop turns out tight tolerance components for domestic and overseas customers. To answer the increasing demand for quality improvements and tighter tolerance. IMAC planned to meet these needs by purchasing a new high-performance turning center.
After researching various Japanese and European turning centers, it was the PUMA 2600SY of Doosan Machine Tools that found its way to the shop floor.
IMAC's executive vice president Nicholas Kohart said, "We chose the PUMA 2600SY because IMAC’s need for heavy and interrupted cutting, long-term precision accuracy and superior surface finishes match just a few of the advantages offered by Doosan’s horizontal turning center." He went on to say, "Our needs matched up with the solutions provided by Doosan Machine Tools."


Chosen for its High Level of Rigidity suitable for Heavy Duty Cutting, Optimum Surface Finish, and High Cutting Speeds

“We saw found a lot of good machines but Doosan Machine Tools outperformed them all,” said executive vice president Nicholas Kohart. “We also wanted the most robust horizontal turning center we could find to fit our tolerances, and the PUMA was totally solid.” The PUMA 2600SY features a powerful integral spindle motor and a wide, rigid bed and large slideway span that reduces the effects of vibration and provides optimum conditions for unsurpassed work piece quality.
“The PUMA 2600SY is excellent for precision cutting processes with a high level of rigidity for heavy duty cutting, optimum surface finish, high cutting speeds, and highly accurate roundness," said Nicholas Kohart, who went on to express his full satisfaction with the machine, saying, "Doosan Machine Tools’ competent engineers also enhance accuracy by using their expertise to eliminate heat as much as possible.”
"Service and tech support were big factors of purchase decision," said Nocholas Kohart. "Doosan Machine Tools’ personnel were always willing to help. They promptly answered their phones and were prepared do anything to find a solution to any problem we night have, which further increased our trust in the company." IMAC was so pleased with the performance of the PUMA 2600SY that it adopted a sister unit from the series, namely a PUMA 2100SY, shortly thereafter. Then, in 2016, the company purchased a HP 5100, its first horizontal machine.
“All three Doosan machines are performing beyond our expectations,” remarked Kohart. “And when the time comes for the next round of machines, we will definitely be talking to Doosan Machine Tools."