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Chinese Nut Molding Company ‘Wuxi Zhengyao Machinery’ Finds Answers to Need for High-Quality and Machining Stability

Customer Story_Wuxi Zhengyao Machinery

Challenge of ‘Wuxi Zhengyao Machinery’ Choice of Precision and Quality Stability

Founded in 1992, Wuxi Zhengyao Machinery manufactures and supplies cost-effective nut and screw molding machines. In 2018, the company recorded sales of 200 million yuan. It supplies all its products to the domestic market, and is said to have won an increasing number of product orders recently. CEO Zhang Fengcheng of Wuxi Zhengyao Machinery said, “Mold and parts machining in China is shifting its focus to ‘stability of precision and quality,’ adding, “To cope with the trend and raise our competitiveness, we have increased our facility investment, including the deployment of Doosan Machine Tools’ machinery throughout our production line.” He went on to say, “The quality of Doosan Machine Tools’ machinery is so high in terms of machining precision and stability that it is making a great contribution to raising the quality of our nut and screw molding machines and our corporate brand image.”

The solution is “Flexible Machining and Automation Work!” Response to ‘Made in China 2025’

Launched in 2015, ‘Made in China 2025,’ the Chinese version of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, aims to promote a Chinese-style manufacturing revolution by incorporating ICT into the manufacturing sector. Centered on the economic goal of ‘boosting the domestic market’, the initiative was conceived to create a high value-added manufacturing sector and build the smart manufacturing infrastructure. Wuxi Zhengyao Machinery, which supplies 100% of its production to the domestic market, has also tried to automate its production processes and cope with the trends of ‘optimization, flexibilization, and multitasking.’ CEO Zhang said, “Our company has played a leading role in setting up an automated intelligent production system in the industry. We are proud to enjoy the leadership position in flexible machining and automation.” He went on to say, “Furthermore, to further raise the level of customer satisfaction, we are offering our prestigious customers special benefits in after-sales services and financial services, including monthly installment payment plans.”

He also stressed, “Behind our ability to preemptively respond to quality, manufacturing service and customer needs were the contributions of Doosan Machine Tools. Therefore, we plan to continue investing in optimized machine tools and production systems in line with future-oriented manufacturing trends.” Wuxi Zhengyao Machinery is using Doosan Machine Tools’ boring mills and HMC, HTC, VTC and LPS models throughout its production lines. “We are cutting all our parts, including screw molding machine beds, with Doosan Machine Tools’ machinery,” said CEO Zhang. “The products are highly cost-effective. We have found them very satisfactory in all aspects including operational convenience, precision, productivity and machining quality,’ adding the caveat that the after-sales services could perhaps be a little faster.

Wuxi Zhengyao Machinery’s Plans and Efforts to Raise Its Market Share in Nut Molding Machines

To actively cope with increasing orders for its nut and screw molding machines, Wuxi Zhengyao Machinery began to expand its plant in 2018 and expects to complete the interior work by the end of 2019. Through the new plant, we will expand our overall production capacity and increase our market share in nut molding machines,” said CEO Zhang. “We will continue working on quality and productivity improvements and faster delivery to further consolidate our status as an innovative corporation in digital machining in China.”