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What is the secret to the faster supply of high-quality molds than anyone else?

Customer Story_YUHAN Precision Co.

Molds have become a critical element for mass production. The major issues of the mold industry are fat delivery and high quality. The two issues are becoming even more important as the life cycle of major industrial goods including consumer electronics continues to shrink while demand for higher product quality keeps getting stronger. Based in Asan, South Chungcheong Province, Korea, Yuhan Precisions specializes in the manufacturing of press molds. With its exceptional competitiveness in delivery and quality, the company supplies its molds to global companies at home and abroad. The keys to their competitiveness have turned out to be their bold investments in machining facilities and technologies and the establishment of systematic business processes from product manufacturing to post-sales service.

One-Stop from Design to Post-Sales Service

Founded in 1984, Yuhan Precision has specialized in the manufacturing of mid- to large-sized press molds for consumer electronics for more than 30 years. In recognition of the technological prowess that it has built during the decades, the company has supplied new molds to domestic companies like Samsung, LG and Dongbu Daewoo Electronics and foreign companies like Sony and Panasonic to name just a few. The company’s recent business negotiations include those with global home appliances suppliers like Electrolux and Whirlpool. Chanmuk Lim, executive managing director, said that what has made the company create and maintain good relations with global home electronics suppliers is the securing of their trust through the company’s one-stop system that has enabled the organization to make improvements in product quality and delivery. “We outsource only two processes; heat treatment and coating. We are equipped with facilities and technologies to carry out all the other processes here in our plant on our own. Once a project has begun, we proceed with the design, machining, assembly, trial operations, set-up and after-sales care for both domestic and international customers by ourselves. Therefore, we can meet our customers’ requirements faster than any other mold supplier at home and abroad and deliver high-quality molds to them.
It was the company’s technical prowess and knowhow which it amassed for decades that enabled it to establish its own system for all the processes involved in the manufacturing of molds. The company has already secured its customers’ solid trust in the company’s world-class capabilities to design molds with its own R&D resources. In addition, to continue to improve its employees’ machining techniques, the company implements a job rotation program with the purpose of cultivating multi-players on the ground, and the vPolicy designed to cultivate masters in mold manufacturing through education of its employees in external professional educational facilities. However, no matter how well technically armed the technicians are, they cannot perform as they hope for unless basked up by machine tools, said Lee Je-wan, General Manager of Machinery Team.
He added, “To meet our customers’ requirements for the quality of the exterior, design is important, and yet nothing is more crucial than securing precision in our machining process, which starts with securing precision in machine tools. That is why we continue to make huge investments in machine tools. Last year, we purchased high-speed machining center NX II series from Doosan Machine Tools in a bid to further enhance our machining precision.”
Yuhan Precision needed to further upgrade its machining precision for a project that the company cannot disclose yet. Following careful reviews of diverse options available at home and abroad, the company chose NX 4500 II and NX 5500 II. The top reason for the choice was that the Doosan machine tool series met the level of machining precision required of the company by its client. The NX series is a high-rigidity mold processing machining center that can carry out not only precision mold machining but also heavy duty cutting as it is equipped with a stable mechanical structure, powerful heat displacement compensation capacity, and a high-speed built-in spindle. Currently, we are proceeding with precision machining with the series in temperature- and humidity-controlled chambers. Both our company and our customer are fully satisfied with the results. In addition to the precision of Doosan machine tools, we were also affected by reasonable maintenance costs and operator friendliness of the machines in our purchase decision. General Manager Lee said that their satisfaction with the Doosan series is likely to continue to rise as Doosan is providing Yuhan Precision with complete after-sales care, technical education and quick response to technical assistance.
“The losses caused by the breakdown of machine tools are just incredible. Therefore how much you can expect to reduce potential downtime is also a critical element in machine tool purchase decisions. We felt that Doosan was providing its machine tool buyers with a variety of means necessary to maximize their machine tool operating rates.” Yuhan Precision plans to purchase Doosan machine tools when it needs additional machining tools in order to secure its customers’ solid trust and expand its business portfolio through its future projects including automobile mold business being discussed at the moment.

Continuous Growth through Diversification

Executive managing director Lim said that Yuhan Precision was considering business diversification based on its machine tools in possession and verified technical prowess.
“For the business parts that we are proceeding with at the moment, we have secured recognition of our technical competence and therefore we are playing a unique role in the areas. However, for long-term sustainable growth, we absolutely need to diversity our clientele. We are proud of our technical prowess. Therefore starting with an automobile mold project under way, we are planning to diversify our line of business as we proceed with a number of new projects in which we are or will be involved soon.
Finally he reiterated that Yuhan Precision would spare no efforts to be the leader in the industry, which places top priority on ‘the spirit of a master in one’s occupation,’ as it has done for so long, and provides its customers with surprise and delight beyond satisfaction.