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Barron Engineering Finds the Answers to the Challenges Posed by Rising Demand and the Need for Stable Production with Doosan Machine Tools’ PUMA MX and PUMA SMX.

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As a company based in the motorsport industry with its head office in Harderwijik, the Netherlands, Barron Engineering specializes in the manufacture and design of rally cars, indoor go-karts, and motocross bikes. Equipped with a production and facility infrastructure optimized for the production of prototypes and the mass production of core parts, Barron Engineering has found solutions to the rising demand for the machining of aluminum, steel and alloys in the PUMA MX and the PUMA SMX, two of DMT’s multitasking machine tools. 

“Behind our stable production of wheel hubs is the crucial role played by the PUMA MX and SMX multitasking machine tools. As such, we would  actively recommend Doosan Machine Tools’ products to anyone.” 

The Challenge Faced by  ‘Barron Engineering’

Improve Productivity while Assuring Quality
Barron Engineering began to produce wheel hubs that meet the quality standards of Haan Wheels, a renowned motocross company specializing in the production of customized wheels for the world’s best motocross athletes, some twenty-two years ago and now supplies about 6,000 high-quality wheel hubs to the company every year. In the beginning, 
Barron Engineering manually produced machine parts with lathes and milling machines. After earning recognition for the quality of its products, however, the company soon faced the challenge of meeting a sharp increase in the quantity of orders. 

CEO Erwin Saverangs of Barron Engineering said, “We were tasked with increasing our production volume in a stable manner to meet the increased demand while maintaining the highest quality.” To meet the challenge, the company asked Dormac CNC Solution, Doosan Machine Tools’ sales subsidiary in the Netherlands, for help. After Dormac recommended using the PUMA 230M, Barron Engineering purchased the model in 2004. With the PUMA 230M, Barron was able to increase its annual wheel production volume to 1,000 units, but the company’s orders kept increasing. 

Barron then started to perform turning work with a turning machine, following the milling process, in addition to implementing a two- and three-shift plan, but it still couldn’t meet the ever increasing production requirements. Most notably, the machine tool setting values and cutting environments had to be readjusted for each process, and between ten and twelve workers had to work until late at night every day in what was an extremely labor-intensive practice by Dutch standards. Barron Engineering needed to find the key that would allow it to meet the increasing production volume while securing labor flexibility. 

The Solution is a ‘Multitasking Machine.’ 

Integrate All Processes into One with the PUMA MX and SMX Multitasking Machine Tools.
The ideal solution consisted in finishing the milling and turning processes with a single machine tool. At the time there were few multitasking machine tool manufacturers apart from Doosan Machine Tools, whose PUMA MX 2000 series was receiving widespread recognition in the market for its heavy and interrupted cutting functions, high precision and consistency, and optimal surface conditions. Satisfied with the service provided by Dormac CNC Solutions, Doosan Machine Tools’ sales subsidiary in the Netherlands, Barron Engineering decided to purchase one of Doosan Machine Tools’ machine tools without hesitation. 

Dormac CNC Solutions installed Doosan Machine Tools’ 9-axis PUMA MX2100ST multitasking machine tool and two independently operating robot arms at the Barron Engineering worksite. With this combination, Barron Engineering was equipped with production facilities capable of functioning 24-7 for the first time in its corporate history, and this heightened production capacity led the company to accept more new product orders. To cope with this increase in product orders, the company purchased the PUMA SMX2600S model and two additional robot arms in 2016. “Because of the difference in wheel size, we produced front wheel hubs with the PUMA MX and rear wheel hubs with the PUMA SMX,” said CEO Erwin Saverangs. “Doosan Machine Tool’s multitasking machine tools are very versatile. But depending on our needs, we can produce both front and rear wheels with either the PUMA MX2100ST or the PUMA SMX2600S.” 

CEO Erwin Saverangs added that the introduction of Doosan Machine Tools’ machines at its worksites has not only improved quality and productivity in a stable manner but also reduced the machine setting and production lead times, thus enabling our workers to avoid working hastily without sufficient rest. He went on to say, “With our previous machine tools, we had to reinstall them more than five times according to changes in the machining environments. Now, we can conveniently carry out various processes with a single operation.” Thanks to this change for the better, Barron Engineering can now produce ninety wheel hubs a day with the PUMA MX and the PUMA SMX. Furthermore, if the company runs the PUMA 230M lathe and the 5-axis VC 630 milling machine, it will be able to sharply increase its daily production total of wheel hubs to 120. 

Barron Engineering has also expressed satisfaction with the fact that, with the utilization of the PUMA SMX, it has not just increased its productivity but also made its working environment cleaner, which in turn has improved its work efficiency. The company used to have difficulty disposing of chips when it was producing a large quantity of aluminum parts overnight. The introduction of the PUMA SMX has solved the problem. Doosan Machine Tools’ PUMA SMX has a sturdy, vertical structure so chips fall easily on to the conveyor belts beneath and are removed completely. CEO Saverangs said, “After operating the PUMA SMX overnight, we found no chips at all in the morning,” adding, “Total chip disposal is a tremendous gain for us.”

CEO Erwin Saverangs concluded by saying, “Behind the market recognition of our outstanding quality is the huge role played by the multitasking machine tools PUMA MX and PUMA SMX. To anyone that is thinking of buying these machine tools, I would actively recommend them for their high productivity, precision machining, and outstanding quality compared to their prices,” sparing no words in expressing his trust in the products of Doosan Machine Tools.