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‘Dongfeng Honda,’ China’s Second Largest Automaker Achieves High Productivity and High Quality with Doosan Machine Tool Products

Customer Story_Dongfeng Honda Automobile

Dongfeng Honda Automobile has actively responded to the rising domestic demand for automobiles in China by securing the advanced machine tools and production infrastructure required for various processes such as stamping, welding, PVC, painting, engine casting, machining, engine assembling and automobile assembling on top of its outstanding R&D competencies. In line with the sales increase, the company took active measures to increase its automobile production capabilities, including the purchase of fifty-seven Doosan Machine Tool products such as the DNM 650/50 and the NHP 5500S, for two years before and after the completion of its third manufacturing plant in December 2016. 

The Challenge Facing Dongfeng Honda Automobile

To deal with a 25% production increase over the previous year ’
Dongfeng Honda Automobile, the second biggest automaker in China, was founded in 2003 with a joint investment by Dongfeng Motor Group, Honda Motor Company, and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. China. The company provides quality products and services to Chinese customers, selling a total of 3,720,500 cars - including the CR-V, CIVIC, SPIRIOR, CIIMO, ELYSION, INSIGHT, JADE, XR-V, GREIZ, and GIENIA - between 2004 and 2017. 

Starting with the purchase of Doosan Machine Tools’ DNM 650/50 machining center in April 2016, the company bought fifty-six machine tools from Doosan Machine Tools, including twelve DNM 500HS models, as well as the Lynx 300 and the NHP 5500S between May and December of 2017. In a bid to respond to a sharp increase in demand, we had to expand our production capacity,” said Zhuchang, assistant manager of Cylinder Header Production Team 3, Machining Dept., Power Manufacturing Plant. “We launched a project to deal with the increased burden on the 1.5L/1.0T production line and decided to purchase Doosan Machine Tools’ products because of our satisfaction with the performance of the DNM 650/50 we purchased in 2016,” he added.

At present, Dongfeng Honda carries out 1.5T block machining with Doosan Machine Tools’ DNM 650/50 model and the NHP 5500S, as well as cylinder liner machining through the cylinder head machining of 1.5T, 1.5L and 1.0T with the DNM 500HS. In 2017 alone, the company sold 714,300 automobiles, representing an increase of 25% over the previous year.

The Solution is a ‘High-Performance Machining Center’

Improve Productivity and Quality with the NHP and DNM
Through the use of Doosan Machine Tools’ products, Dongfeng Honda has made remarkable progress, improving not only its productivity but its product quality as well. “Following the utilization of Doosan Machine Tools’ products, we have been able to solve a lot of difficult machining-related problems,” said assistant manager Jucahng. “With our previous machine tools, our work quality deteriorated because of the heavy vibration involved in the machining of wider boring holes. We were able to solve this problem by using Doosan Machine Tools’ NHP 5500S model,” citing a representative case of improvements. 

“The latest trends in automobile and auto part manufacturing include demands for a shorter design cycle compared with before and demands for the production of multiple types of products in small quantities or the mass production of multiple kinds of goods, which requires us to produce 100% satisfactory products in terms of quality with a minimum investment within a short period of time,” said Zhuchang. “Most notably, core auto parts are directly related to human life and safety, so only machine tools equipped with cutting-edge machining technologies and high-quality performance features will survive in the market.”

Equipped with a strict quality assurance system in keeping with the global automobile industry’s trends, Dongfeng Honda strives to satisfy its customers with high-performance products offered at reasonable prices. “When we purchase additional machine tools in the future, we will present not only the operational stability of machine tools but also their productivity and quality features suitable for automation and mass-production systems as our basic requirements,’ said assistant manager Zhuchang.  “User convenience 
must be considered for machine tools as well as automobiles. User needs based on the latest consumption trends must be reflected in both the design and the manufacture of goods. Differentiation of the exterior design is also important. 

Adding that China is also witnessing the acceleration of smart manufacturing and intelligent factories, assistant manager Zhuchang concluded with the following advice:  “To further improve its competitiveness in the Chinese market, Doosan Machine Tools should strive to improve its efficiency in building intelligent production management systems 
and collecting machining data to actively cope with the needs of smart and intelligent parts machining in China.”