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From Bolstered Performance to Enhanced Appearance Milseong Makes Peerless High-Precision Tables

Milseong C&T

CEO Mr. Lee said that tables for machine tools should not only boost their  performance but also enhance their appearance perfection.

Milseong C&T CEO Ilwoo Lee stated: “The machine tool table is one of the parts that attract our attention during metal machining work. As such, not only its function but also its appearance is very important.” Milseong C&T’s machine tool table, which not only optimises both the precision location and efficient clamping of a work piece, but also  enhances the appearance of the machine tool, thereby boosting the perfection of the work – has been acclaimed as a high-quality premium product in the market, despite the  company being a late market entrant.

Milseong C&T Is Well-Known for Its Ability to Make Excellent Hydraulic Cylinders
After being  launched under  the name of Milseong  Industrial Machinery  in  January 1993,  the parts manufacturer Milseong C&T started manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, machine tools, industrial machines, automation machines, and precision parts, boosting  its business power. The  company eventually became a corporation under  the name of Milseong C&T Co.., Ltd. in 2010, and began to take a second leap forward. 

For over twenty years, Milseong has manufactured standard cylinders, industrial machines, special  cylinders for steel making, precision parts, and machine tool tables etc. for Doosan Machine Tools and other domestic and foreign companies.

The company has accumulated its own know-how to achieve an excellent reputation for quality and delivery over the years, earning it a reputation as a manufacturer of top quality cylinders and other parts.

First Attempt to Diversify the Business; Making Machine Tool Tables
CEO Lee stated, “For  the  table, a key part of a machine  tool,  technology  for maintaining precision despite the rapid and repetitive nature of  the work, and  technology  for maintaining a  low  level of noise and great strength and precision despite high-speed traverse rates, are  important. We closely analyzed various details ranging from the table’s X, Y and Z reference points to the spindle’s rotation speed, and to its  feedrate,  thereby  identifying  the optimal manufacturing conditions  for our working environment.” Such efforts led to the production of high value-added tables, and led to the late market entrant Milseong’s emergence as a famous table maker. 

Milseong, which operates two 5-face machining tools, including one of Doosan’s, emphasizes that  the determining  factor  in purchasing a machine tool is, above all other considerations, its quality, followed by trust in the salespeople.   CEO Lee stated, “We have to rely on the salespeople’s words before we purchase and use a machine. If a machine  tool manufacturer has diverse models and options, and its salespeople give a detailed explanation of the machine standards and optional functions that are suitable for the customer’s production process and working environment, then the customer will be able to determine the scope of purchase more easily.” 

Mentioning that he wanted to buyan exclusive machine  tool equipped with an on-machine inspection gauge, CEO Ilwoo Lee said, “Doosan’s 5-face machining  tool offers a wide choice of  automated  change head  attachments (AAC), enabling us to perform the machining of complicated shapes,  including  free  form machining, or  to perform 5-axis machining capable of divided indexing. This enhanced our  overall satisfaction with the machine.”

Milseong C&T is set to diversify its production of large precision parts, supported by the DCM  among other 5-face machining tools. CEO Lee stated, “Making the most of the strengths of the 5-face machining tool, which is capable of performing a wider  range of machining  from large-parts machining  to medium-size high-precision parts, we want  to produce beds and columns for machine tools, and parts for shipbuilding and aircraft. By using the 5-face 
machining and 3-dimensional machining, we aim  to diversify our production of precision parts.”

CEO Lee disclosed his ambition to expand his company’s domestic and overseas export markets to become a global medium and  large-size precision parts maker.