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Small-Scale Production Site Creates New Opportunities for Efficient Production through Automation

Customer Story_Tutaryds Mekaniska Verkstad AB

Small-Scale Production Site Creates New Opportunities for Efficient Production through Automation 

Tutaryds Mekaniska Verkstad AB is creating new opportunities to achieve effective production even at a small-scale production site through automation rendered possible by the DVF 5000. Founded by Bengt Gustafson in 1980, the company has been growing steadily ever since. After starting life as a producer of truck parts, the company moved to a larger site in 1992 to meet the increasing demand for them and to expand its business profile to the production of maintenance parts as well. 

“If we have to make a future-oriented decision about what machine tool we will have to invest in so as to meet the demand for 5-axis machining, the best choice will be a combination of LANG, Doosan and Duroc.”

Bengt went on to say, “As it’s integrated with LANG Eco-Compact 20 automation solutions, the model is ideally suited for the production of multiple types 
of products in small quantities Despite its compact size of just 2 x 2 meters, it is equipped with 20 pallets. The model can quite easily be attached with a LANG micro-grip vise, a robot that can handle a load of up to 40kg for the machining center.”He added, “The outstanding edge of LANG’s automation solutions is their simplicity. You don’t need robot programming because you can easily control the robot when it uses pallets through M codes. So, you don’t need a human-robot interface or pneumatic/hydraulic arrangements either from the machine workbench.”

He explained, “When the robot moves on to make docking with the machine docking station, air connection is made between the two. A pallet is released, and another takes its place.” MD Bengt said, “Although we had long felt the need for automation, the solution we had was too complicated for the scope of our operations. More importantly, it was too costly. In retrospect, it is true that it was not so persuasive for us to try to automate our low-volume manufacturing processes. In the DVF 5000, Doosan Machine Tools has introduced a new structure with the stand installed on the side of its 5-axis machine tools. That was exactly what we’d been waiting for all along. There was so much demand for the automation of 5-axis machine tools.”

MD Bengt explained, “The operators now have enough space in front of the machine tool, so they can work much more conveniently. The machine tool was first introduced to Europe at the EMO 2017. However, I’d seen it in Korea in the spring of 2017. I knew it was exactly what we needed. It was a solution that would fit our company perfectly.”He concluded, “Our decision to invest in automation solutions has generated positive results, increasing our demand for other similar solutions. Once you introduce automation, it generates practical results in production, though only in so far as you have adopted the “right” automation solutions. For our part, if we have to make a future-oriented decision about what machine tool we will have to invest in so as to meet the demand for 5-axis machining, the best choice will be a combination of LANG, Doosan and Duroc.”