DN Solutions set to participate in Metal Cutting and Mold Technology Hall, SIMTOS 2022


Company plans to introduce various exhibition products and solutions ranging from multitasking and 5-axis machining centers to smart technology.

DN Solutions, a technology leader of Korea’s machine tool industry, has announced that it will take part in SIMTOS 2022 to exhibit its new product models and major machines including its multitasking and 5-axis machining centers and quartz machining centers. DN Solutions also plans to introduce its “High Tech Industry Solution”, machining solutions customized for the demands of each industry, such as the automobile, aviation, IT and energy industries, in addition to its technology for implementing automation and smart manufacturing. 

Notably, DN Solutions will hold machining demonstrations and other events during the exhibition to introduce new models from various product lines, such as its quartz machining center, 5-axix/multitasking machine, and automation, and demonstrate their productivity.

Over the years, DN Solutions has rapidly narrowed the technology gap with advanced companies in Japan and Germany by successfully developing its own NC lathe in 1980 and focusing on expanding the export market. In particular, DN Solutions has laid the foundation for strengthened manufacturing competitiveness in high value-added sectors such as the automobile, aviation, and IT industries in Korea by supplying precision processing machines. It is also contributing to improving the competitiveness of Korean industry by replacing expensive imported machines.

Recently, the demand for packages comprising AWC, RPS, LPS and HMC/VMC has grown in line with the increased demand for automation packages due to the severe manpower shortage caused by the COVID-19 crisis. In response, DN Solutions is developing an automation solution and smart factory implementation technology to keep pace with these trends, and is expanding its business area to new markets. DN Solutions has also held virtual exhibitions and opened permanent showrooms to cope with the COVID-19 situation as well as increasing its non-face-to-face sales activities.


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