[New Product] Lynx 2100G


doosan machine tools has unveiled its newest model, the lynx 2100g, which is an upgraded version of the existing lynx 220g super, a high-productivity gang-type turning center. the lynx 2100g is a 6-inch gang-type turning center designed to perform high-speed precision machining of massive metal parts including small valves, bearings, and fittings, measuring up to 170 mm in diameter and up to 330 mm in length.

the new model retains the previous model’s strong machine frame rigidity and powerful cutting capacity, with a maximum power of 18.5kw and a maximum torque of 118 n•m, but now offers reduced thermal displacement.

with these improvements, the lynx 2100g offers enhanced long-time machining stability and its reliability, and dramatically improved spatial efficiency and convenience of use. high-precision machining through thermal displacement reduction the internal bearing structure has been improved to reinforce the rigidity of the spindle units where the greatest load is generated during machining.

a low-vibration structure has been designed for the spindle housing, feed axes, and surface of bed, delivering higher productivity over long periods of operation. the thermal displacement that naturally occurs due to the continuous high-speed rotation of the spindle has been minimized, thereby stabilizing the quality of parts machining for customers. in the case of the feed axes, a high-rigidity roller-type lm (linear motion) guide has been adopted to boost the product’s durability and stability and to shorten the non-machining time, further enhancing productivity. increase of spatial efficiency the new machine boasts a redesigned compact structure that reduces the installation area by over 20% compared to the previous model.

conversely, the interior features of the machine, including a z-axis with a length of 340mm and a spindle bore of 61mm, have expanded the machining area, thus boosting the machine’s utility. in addition, the coolant tank and chip conveyor have been designed to enable the operator to modify chip discharging direction between right side and rear side according to the client’s needs without having to change the coolant tank.

enhanced convenience of use the existing method of oil lubrication has been abandoned in favor of eco-friendly grease lubrication, thereby reducing the annual lubrication frequency to 1~2 times only while dramatically lowering the maintenance cost and ensuring a cleaner work environment. considering that the machine door is frequently opened and closed whenever a change of workpiece is required, a lighter door has been adopted as an optional feature. as a further serving customer needs, the door’s opening width has been increased, while the distance from machine front to chuck center has been reduced and it makes easy to apply various automation systems on the machine without retrofitting lots of its structure.
classification unit lynx 2100g
max. turning diameter mm 170
max. turning length mm 330
standard chuck size inch 6
bar working diameter mm 45 {51}
max. spindle speed r/min 6000
max. spindle motor power kw 18.5
nc system - doosan fanuc i
* { } : option


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