[New Product] PUMA TW2100 Series


doosan machine tools is set to unveil its new, highly productive, 8 inch class 2-spindle turning center, puma tw2100 series equipped with a high-speed gantry loader. the puma tw2100 boasts powerful performance when used to mass-produce small parts such as bearings, brackets, gears, and joints, which are components of major automotive parts including transmissions, engines, power trains, and steering systems.

the puma tw2100 series can machine parts with a size of up to 128mm x ø240mm. together with the existing 10 inch puma tw2600 series, it features the combination of two spindles, two turrets, and a high-speed gantry system, giving it a more efficient work space and excellent productivity excellent productivity the puma tw2100 series is equipped with the highest speed system in order to minimize the gantry loader handling time, guaranteeing a total handling time of just 5.7 seconds from gantry move in – part change – to gantry move out.

in addition, the machine’s servo-driven turret offers improved indexing speed, so that the turret takes just 0.93 seconds to turn 360 degrees, representing a reduction of 40% compared with the existing speed. non-cutting time has been significantly reduced thanks to the improved speed of the gantry loader and the turret, enabling customers to secure a faster machining cycle time and excellent productivity, which are crucial factors on their production lines.

strong yet stable cutting capability the puma tw2100 series is equipped with spindles with a high output of up to 15kw as a standard feature, while 404n.m high-torque is available as an option, for even more powerful machining capability. with the adoption of the box guideway axis feed system, which can withstand strong vibration and shocks, the new series also boasts excellent machining stability and a longer lifespan for tools. when the customer needs milling function in his/her cutting process, strong bmt-type milling motor and junction structure enable to realize powerful yet stable machining.

boosted convenience of use the puma tw2100 series is also installed with loader guidance software designed to improve the convenience of gantry loader operation and maintenance. the software can minimize malfunctions due to user error, and also enhances screen accessibility with the adoption of hot keys, enabling the user to operate the machine easily. the ergonomically designed operation panel allows the operator to quickly check machine status and operational changes during machining.
dex-scription unit puma tw2100/m puma tw2100/m-gl130 puma tw2100/m-gl180 (option)
max. turning diameter mm 240 130 180
max. turning legnth mm 128 90 80
chuck size inch 8{6}
max. spindle speed r/min 4500{6000}
max. spindle power kw 15/11 (15 min./cont.)
no. of tool stations ea 8+8 (tw2100m : 10+10)
length x width mm 2030 x 2098* 3295 x 2350** 3465 x 2098**
nc system - doosan-fanuc i
{ } option * gl130 type main machine ** a1 gantry type


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