Doosan Machine Tools to host "The 11th Doosan International Machine Tool Exhibition (DIMF)"


Doosan Machine Tools has held the DIMF every two years since 1997 to introduce new technologies related to its newly developed machine tools to its customers. Since the first DIMF more than 30,000 customers have attended the biennial exhibition and over 500 machine tools have been introduced so far, earning it a reputation as an international exhibition.

To mark the twentieth anniversary of this international event, DIMF 2017 will display eighty kinds of machine tools including more than 20 new products, and diverse technological solutions in five industrial sectors including the automotive, die& mold, aerospace, IT and medical industries, with the aim of reassuring its customers that Doosan Machine Tools is a reliable partner capable of providing solutions that meet diverse customer needs in key industries and sharing its corporate vision with its business partners worldwide. DIMF 2017, the 11th DIMF, will be held at the Namsan and Seongju plants to display more than 80 models including various next-generation machines tools equipped with the latest technology, such as turning centers, machining centers, multi-tasking machines, 5-axis, Swiss turns and double-column machining centers. In response to the diverse challenges posed by

the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, this year’s DIMF will also feature cutting-edge smart solutions such as "aⅠ doo control," gantry loaders, pallet systems and robot automation solutions optimized for smart factories along with DMT’s latest machine tools. Doosan Machine Tools will also introduce optimized machine tools and solutions for its key customer industries to enable its customers to select the best solutions tailored to their specific industrial needs. DIMF 2017 will also feature technology seminars on the automotive, aerospace, die& mold solution, a demonstration of a simulated smart factory, and a demonstration of hard-to-cut material cutting solutions so as to provide clients with opportunities to identify the latest trends in their respective industries and prepare for future prosperity ahead of their competitors.


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