[New Product] PUMA SMX 2600ST / 3100ST


doosan machine tools recently unveiled its new puma smx 2600st and puma smx3100st models equipped with an additional lower turret function, boosting its lineup of multi-tasking machining models.

with the addition of two new st models combined sub-spindle and lower turret function, the puma smx series lineup now consists of eight models with a high-productivity function, precision machining capacity and operational convenience. the latest puma smx2600st and puma smx3100st are equipped with 10” and 12” chucks (15” is available as an option), a maximum machining length of 1540mm, and a maximum machining diameter of 660mm, making it possible to manufacture long, large workpieces of diverse shapes. the new models’ maximum axis feed distance has been expanded to 695mm for the x axis, 1585mm for the z1 axis, and 300mm for the y axis, while their rapid axis travel speed has been increased to 48, 48, and 36m/min for the x, z1 and y axes respectively.

powerful multi-tasking machining capability the puma smx series features a new turning and milling function equipped with a 12-angle high-rigidity servo-driven turret, in addition to the left and right spindles, b axis, and multi-purpose milling function, giving it a more powerful multi-tasking machining ability, while machining time can be reduced by up to 75% when producing small numbers of diverse items. in addition, turning, end milling, face milling, drilling, and tapping performances allow the operator to speedily machine every desired shape. the orthogonal structure with broader inner space is giving an expanded y-axis machining range and making it possible to machine diverse products out of long and large workpieces thanks to the expanded space and bar working diameter.

enhanced precision the high-speed cooling systems for the spindles and feed axes, and the smart thermal compensation are designed to minimize thermal displacement and maintain excellent precision during long periods of machining. the c axis’s 0.0001 degree precision control function makes it possible to obtain a more delicate machined surface for contouring, while the high-strength milling spindle, capable of turning 240 degrees, allows improved milling of sloped surfaces. in addition, the models feature a high-rigidity, high-precision roller lm guideway that minimizes non-cutting time. ergonomic design the frontal placement of the tool magazine, the operation panel capable of rotating, moving left/right and height adjustment, and the convenient atc magazine operation panel are designed for more convenient use. the user-friendly work guide function offers excellent user convenience for operating and maintaining the machine.
dex-x-scription unit puma smx2600st puma smx3100st
max. machining diameter mm 660
max. machining length mm 1540
chuck size(left/right spindle) inch 10{12} / 10{12} 12{15} / 10{12}
bar working diameter mm 81 102
max. spindle speed r/min 4000 / 4000 3000 / 4000
max. spindle motor power kw 26 / 26 37 / 26
milling spindle speed r/min 12000{8000}
travel distance (y axis) mm 300 (±150)
nc system   fanuc / siemens
{ } : option


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