[New Product] DNM 6700XL


DNM 6700XL is the latest product in the DNM series, a global bestseller.

It is a highly productive vertical machining center equipped with a 2100mm X-axis optimized for cutting of medium- to large-sized display parts. Productivity Improvement with Standardized Direct-Coupled Spindle Employing a standardized direct-coupled spindle(8000 r/min, 18.5/11 kW), which is crucial to high-precision cutting, DNM 6700KL drastically reduces spindle vibration and noise generated during high-speed cutting.

Equipped with Doosan Machine Tools’ unique thermal error compensation feature, DNM 6700KL's direct-coupled spindle fundamentally prevents heat generation from the spindles, ensuring stable machine operation.

The machining center also minimizes non-cutting time due to faster tool change time (1.2 seconds). Environmentally-friendly Machine with Easy Operability DNM 6700XL adopts a grease lubrication system, instead of oil lubrication, to help improve its work environment and reduce the maintenance costs by 60% compared to oil lubrication. Significant improvement in the machine operability is realized in the machining center thanks to Multi Machine Monitor function with which an operator can oversee the operation of multiple machines at the same time, in addition to Easy Operation Package (EOP), Doosan Machine Tools’ iconic software feature.

Advanced cutting-edge mechanical structure design technology is also adapted to the machining center, meeting the needs of minimum installation space in preparation for efficient arrangement of an automated production line. Excellent Precision and Calm Work Environment Developed to meet the trends of increasingly larger LCD panels in the IT market as well as steady growth of the OLED market, a broader base structure of DNM 6700XL guarantees stable machine operation, while ball screw nut cooling for LM guideways helps the machining center maintain high precision even during extended periods of operation


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