EOP (Easy Operation Package) is our own CNC application software package.

EOP contains software features designed for individual machine tool models, as well as a range of features for customer convenience.
EOP is our own developed function to improve machine tool productivity, efficiency, performance and ease of use.

  1. ① Title

    The screen to display each software names and functions of the Easy Operation Package

  2. ② Function list

    A list of functions contained in the Easy Operation Package

    - Specialized functions according to the model

    - Function for the convenient use of machine tools

    - Function for managing tools and workpieces

    - Correction function to enhance machine tool precision

    - Function for monitoring tool load etc.

  3. ③ Function execution button

    Button for converting to each function screen


Enhancing user convenience and machine precision

  • - Enhances user convenience through inclusion of an automatic measurement cycle
  • - Enhances machine precision through various correction functions
  • - Enhances convenience through tool and workpiece management
  • - Enhances machine stability through load monitoring

Major functions

Tool Management
Tool Load Monitoring
Adaptive feed control
Smart Thermal Compensation