Sketch Turn

Sketch Turn is a specific part of NC programming automation software designed to help even users, with even a limitedd
knowledge of machining, to create machining programs for DN Solutions’ turning centers.

The main menus are placed vertically (and logically) to match the real programming creation processes - while the sub-menus
are aligned horizontally for easier use. The information relating to tools and cutting conditions are input into a database
for effective management and to build up a bank of machining knowledge. It also provides a 3D simulation function for predicting machining outcomes and results.

  1. ① Overview

    Displays basic information of materials and processes

  2. ② Main menu

    All of the processes needed to create the NC code are arranged vertically.

    - Program management

    - Workpiece and machine setting

    - Process List Management

    - Process Setting (Shape Information, Machining strategy, Cutting Conditions etc.)

    - Simulation

    - Turret, Tools DB Management

  3. ③ Other information

    Message window displays errors and execution info, soft keys

  4. ④ Sub-menus and operation screen

    Parameter entry and cutting simulation check


Shorter programming time and
higher productivity

  • - 50~70 % reduced programming time compared to manual NC code programming.
  • - 90% reduced programming time using the copy/paste function when creating similar cutting programs.
  • - Cuts pre-machining test time and checks for errors using 3D graphic simulation.
  • - Optimized for DN Solutions - no post-processing needed.

Main Functions

Easier program management
Support for a variety of processes
Easy shape entry appropriate for each process
Operator-oriented cutting condition setup
3D Cutting Simulation
Easy tool management