Obligation to Check Product Authenticity


Obligation to Check
Product Authenticity

Starting May 2020, we are attaching standard certification information to our machines’ NC screens to prove their authenticity prevent fake and counterfeit name plates from being used and toggle customers peace of mind.
Specific authentication information is accessible from the attached NC EOP.
It can be accessed by selecting EOP menu “i” for FANUC NC and EOP menu “Certification” for SIEMENS NC.
Machines equipped with Heidenhain and Mitsubishi controls, or the D300 NC manufactured in China will be excluded.
Our machines must be used only in areas where the application of its standard certification is accepted.
It is illegal to operate them elsewhere.
The user shall take full responsibility for any legal liability arising from non-compliance with this rule.
If authentication information inside the NC differs from the information on the attached name plate,
authentication information inside NC takes priority.
Any discrepancies may indicate a fake nameplate, in which case the user must check with our service center before using the machine.