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  • DN Solutions Co., Ltd. ("the Company") values its customers’ personal information, and consequently complies with the Act on Promotion of the Use of Information Communication Networks and the Protection of Information.

    The Company implements this Privacy Policy in order to inform you of how and for what purposes your personal information will be collected and used, as well as the actions we will take to protect your personal information.

    In the event of a revision or modification of this Privacy Policy, we shall inform you thereof by posting the relevant information on our website (or by notifying each customer individually).
  • The Company has entrusted the following external specialist firm to perform the services.

    - Entrusted firm : Doosan Corporation Digital Innovation
    - Services entrusted : management of website and systems
    - Entrusted firm : Ninetree
    - Services entrusted : management of website
  • The administrator of this website (the Company) shall transfer your personal information overseas and preserve it as described below in accordance with the Act on the Promotion of the Use of Information Communication Networks and the Protection of Information and other relevant laws. You are required to read the following carefully and make sure you fully understand the contents, and choose whether to give or withhold your consent to the agreement on the overseas transfer of personal information.

    1. Items to be transferred
    - Personal information items whose collection you should agree to, including your name, e-mail, phone number, address, log of services used, and other items of personal information.

    2. Transferee countries, time, method
    - Countries: Regions where the Amazon Global Cloud service is provided (Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, the U.S.A., the U.K., Brazil, etc.)
    - Time/Date: The time and date when you initially log in after January 21, 2014.
    - Method: Data are moved via the security-reinforced servers in Global Cloud regions.

    3. Transferee
    - Name: Amazon Web Services, Inc. (staffer: Stephen Schmidt)
    - Contact point : Address : 410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210 / tel. : (206) 266-1000

    4. Purpose of transfer
    - To provide the Global Cloud service needed to operate this website

    5. Period of retention/use
    In principle we destroy the user’s personal information once the purpose of its collection and use have been achieved. However, with regard to the following information, we retain it for the specified period of time for the reasons presented below.

    - Items to be retained: Name, home address, e-mail, company name, contact point, date of birth.
    - Retention period: 1 year
    - Reason for retention: To facilitate the handling of users' questions/requests, identification of users, etc.

    - Items to be retained: Log of services used, log of accesses, cookies, access IP information.
    - Retention period: 1 year
    - Reason for retention: To analyze users’ service use in order to improve the quality of the service.

    6. Right to refuse consent
    - You have the right to refuse to consent to the overseas transfer of your personal information according to this notice.
    - However, if you refuse to agree to the overseas transfer of your personal information, it will prevent the aforementioned purpose of overseas transfer. Please note that in such a case you may experience difficulty in using the services.
  • Your personal information that we collect pursuant to your agreement may, during its retention and use, be used via phone, SMS, LMS, MMS, e-mail and mail for advertising purposes, including newsletters, production information, sales promotion, survey, management of website functions, texting (for saying hello, etc.), and event information. It may also be used for sales and marketing purposes.

    You may refuse to consent to the collection and use of your personal information for such marketing purposes. In this case, however, you may not receive any event information or any other useful information that we provide.

    If you agree to the collection and use of marketing information, we will retain the following information for the specified period.

    - Items to be retained: Name, home address, e-mail, company name, contact point, date of birth.
    - Retention period : 1 year