VC 3600/30
Max. Spindle Speed
13 r/min
X-Axis Travel Distance
520 mm
Y-Axis Travel Distance
360 mm

VC series

Twin-pallet VMC for High Production Environments

VC series machining centers have a twin pallet configuration. Their design enables continuous and seamless machining of components - doubling output and significantly increasing productivity.

High Productivity
Excellent Machining Capability
Faster Machining


￿ High-rigidity and column-moving structure￿

High-rigidity casting and machine structure are excellent for damping and absorbing vibrations.

￿ High productivity by applying the spindle directly
￿ (different from the spindle taper)￿

VC 3600 : ISO #40

VC 3600/30 : ISO #30

￿ High-speed Automatic Pallet Changer￿

The twin table equipped with automatic pallet indexing enables
￿ fast and accurate table positioning, improved productivity and minimal machine idle time.

￿ Customization￿

A range of features and options are available to further customize the machine and its operation.


Product Specifications

  • These specifications are based on the global standard and may differ by region.
X-Axis Travel Distance Y-Axis Travel Distance Z-Axis Travel Distance
X-Axis Rapid Traverse Y-Axis Rapid Traverse Z-Axis Rapid Traverse
Max. Spindle Speed Max. Spindle Power Max. Spindle Torque Tool Taper
Table Length Table Width Maximum Workpiece weight
Length Height Width Weight
VC 3600/30
520 mm 360 mm 350 mm
48 m/min 48 m/min 56 m/min
13 r/min 7/24 TAPER kW 82.7 N·m ISO #30 
2 X 650 mm 2 X 375 mm 2 X 200 kg
3630 mm 2582 mm 1740 mm 5200 kg


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