XG 800
Chuck size
12 inch
Max. Turning Diameter
800 mm

XG 600/800

Quartz Ceramic Grinding Turning Center with 600 mm/800 mm Maximum Processing Diameter

The Lynx XG 600/800 is a 12-inch horizontal turning center equipped with
￿ a high-power motor and a spindle designed for high-precision grinding applications.

Easy to Operate
Excellent Machining Capability
High Precision


￿ Excellent Machining Capability￿

Equipped with a high-powered 14.1 Kw motor for improved roughing and finishing operations

Machining of quartz and ceramic materials optimized by the use of a grinding spindle with a maximum speed of 5000r/min.

￿ High Precision Machining￿

Continuous cutting accuracy levels maintained, with a maximum displacement of between 17-20μm (*Temperature during test: 24.8~26.6℃)

Hole grinding capability increased by adopting C axis control function

￿ Enhanced Durability and User Convenience￿

Structure enables easier handling/removal (quartz dust).

Spacious inner work area achieved by enlarging the space for door opening.

Improved access for easier tool change.

Grinding spindle equipped with phased command and display features


Product Specifications

  • These specifications are based on the global standard and may differ by region.
Chuck size Max. Turning Diameter
X-Axis Rapid Traverse Z-Axis Rapid Traverse X-Axis Travel Distance Z-Axis Travel Distance
Max. Spindle Speed Max. Spindle Power Max. Spindle Torque Tool Taper
Length Height Width Weight
Grinding Spindle
Max. Spindle speed No. of tool stations Tool shank type
XG 600
12 inch 600 mm
10 m/min 20 m/min 400 mm 345 mm
500 r/min 14.1/6.3 kW 269 N·m BT40 
2280 mm 1900 mm 1805 mm 2900 kg
5000 r/min 1 st BT40 
XG 800
12 inch 800 mm
10 m/min 20 m/min 500 mm 500 mm
500 r/min 14.1 kW 269 N·m BT40 
2520 mm 1900 mm 1760 mm 3200 kg
6000 r/min 1 st BT40 


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