DN Solutions always stands
by its customers.
Based on a customer-oriented approach it has pursued for the last 46 years, DN Solutions
continues to strive to provide products with the highest quality in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

Products developed
with the customer

DN Solutions's commitment to customer satisfaction stems from its powerful and successful products. DN Solutions develops its products in collaboration with our customers, which leads to the best results. DN Solutions constantly challenge itself and strives to satisfy a wide range of customers across various industries by offering customized products that meet their needs.

  • The Customer Oriented Attitude
  • 46 Years of History
  • Highest Quality
Lineup Horizontal T/C

Great processing performance and high reliability,
Maximize customer convenience and increase
We aim for customer satisfaction.

Lineup Vertical T/C

Designed to maintain high precision during long processing, enable strong cutting, fast tool division time, as well as low noise and low heat generation

Lineup Horizontal M/C

With the application of 12000 r/min spindle, various tool counts, automatic tool exchangers, and automatic pallet exchangers, the processing lasts for a short time and a long time.

Lineup Vertical M/C

It is a vertical machining center that allows high-strength, high-precision parts to be processed with various spindles with high reliability.

Product History

  • 2010 DNS vertical M/C selected as one of the top 23 technologies in Korea (DNM series) by The National Academy of Engineering of Korea
  • 2014 Won IR52 Award in Korea 5 axis M/C (FM200/5ax)
  • 2014/2015 Won the Global Red Dot Design Award (main competition) 2 times in a row PUMA SMX, 5 axis m/c (FM200/5ax)
  • 2019 Electronics/IT technology: Won the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Award 3DP/Cutting (DVF8000T-AML)

DN SOLUTIONS builds trust with its customers

DN Solutions has grown with its customers - this growth is based
on mutual confidence and trust. Customers attest to the company’s reliability.

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Flexible response

Customer satisfaction is maximized by a) providing products of the highest quality
and b) delivering flexible, customized solutions that meet each customer's specific needs.

  1. STEP 01 Product Planning & Development
  2. STEP 02 Production
  3. STEP 03 Quality Control
  4. STEP 04 Technical Management
  5. STEP 05 Services