DN Solutions develops high-productivity/high-precision equipment and flexible automation systems based on half a century of technology to present customized solutions specialized in industrial requirements and machining.

We provide customized solutions that optimize machining time and processes to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure the highest quality with a variety of solutions, contributing to increased manufacturing flexibility and competitiveness, as well as customer satisfaction and profitability.

  • Industry Solutions

    Based on the development and manufacturing of machine tools customized to the requirements of specific demand industries, we implement machining process optimization, improve quality and ensure work stability to satisfy customers, improve the competitiveness of demand industries, and maximize the efficiency of production. We are committed to providing customized manufacturing technology and optimized system engineering solutions to our customers by demand industry.

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  • Machining Solutions

    We provide optimal machining cycles and specialized machining solutions that are easy to use to create products in the manufacturing and production fields. DN Solutions is committed to providing solutions that improve productivity, reduce costs, and ensure quality in the production of customer products through differentiated machining technology.

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  • Automation Solutions

    We provide automation-related system engineering such as optimal automation line implementation and peripheral device review in automated production to enhance manufacturing competitiveness by improving productivity, securing quality repeatability, and reducing costs in various industries. DN Solutions vows to provide optimized automation solutions through standard and customized automation.

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  • Chip-free Solutions

    DN Solutions provides the optimal solution to solve chip problems that occur during machining. DN Solutions promises to provide various options suitable for increasing machine operation efficiency and implementing automation based on differentiated chip-free solutions.

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