XC 4000DA-2SP
X Achse Verfahrweg
Y Achse Verfahrweg

XC 4000-2SP series

High-productivity, twin-spindle moving column VMC

The XC 4000-2SP twin-spindle vertical machining center is designed for high volume parts production.￿ With two 12000r/min directly-connected spindles, the machine provides best-in-class high-speed machining productivity. The use of a mineral cast bed helps maintain stability and precision over long periods of time. ￿ The machine is also suitable for use with automated part-loading systems for unmanned running.￿

Excellent Machining Capability Überragende Bearbeitungskapazität
High Precision Hohe Präzision
Faster Machining Schnellere Bearbeitung


￿ Structure optimized for high precision and productivity￿

A mineral casting bed helps ensure high rapids and acceleration/deceleration rates.

To optimize durability and stiffness dual ball screws are used.

￿ High-rigidity·High-precision￿

Tool magazines are positioned at the base of the traveling column to ensure high-speed machining performance. (Tool storage capacity: 24*2ea / C-T-C : 3.8 sec)

Automatic door is optimized for high-speed tool change (LM & Pneumatic cylinder driven)

￿ Customization delivers additional flexibility.￿

The XC 4000-2SP is available with a variety of dual table configurations/specifications to suit customers’ requirements, and is also ready for automation through the integration of robots or gantry loaders.



  • Diese Spezifikationen basieren auf dem globalen Standard und können je nach Region abweichen.
X Achse Eilgang X Achse Verfahrweg Y Achse Verfahrweg Z Achse Verfahrweg Achsen Eilgang
X Achse Eilgang Y Achse Eilgang Z Achse Eilgang
Tischlänge Tischbreite Drehtischdurchmesser Maximale Werkstückgröße
Anzahl der Werkzeuge
Länge Höhe Breite Gewicht
XC 4000DA-2SP
360 mm 630 mm 400 mm
70 m/min 70 m/min 70 m/min
300 mm 790 mm 2-200 kg
2X24 ea
6156 mm 3200 mm 2230 mm 12000 kg
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