VX 6500C
X Achse Verfahrweg
Y Achse Verfahrweg

VX series

Vertical Machining Centers for high-precision graphite and ceramic machining

VX series machines have a double-column configuration that ensures high-speed and high-precision processing which, in addition to their innovative low-noise, high-accuracy spindles, makes them ideal for graphite and ceramic machining.￿ ￿ The vertical machining center series provides outstanding precision and guaranteed performance. The optimised feed system and a number of high-efficiency peripheral systems and devices improve productivity , efficiencies and process reliability.

Easy to Operate Benutzerfreundlich
High Productivity Hohe Produktivität
High Precision Hohe Präzision


￿ Application of Double-Column Structure￿

Equipped with a stable double column structure and a high-rigidity feed system, the series delivers best-in-class results for the high-speed machining of ceramic and/or graphite workpieces.

X/Y/Z : 1050 mm/ 650 mm/550 mm

￿ High-rigidity and high-reliability spindle￿

High-precision machining performance guaranteed by applying an innovative low-noise, high-precision spindle

12000r/min {20000 / 30000/ 40000}

￿ Optimization package enables customization for different machining requirements￿

MHigh-precision performance achieved by optimizing the feed system and using high-efficiency peripheral devices to ensure process security and reliability.

- Ceramic Filter System

- Graphite Dust Collection System



  • Diese Spezifikationen basieren auf dem globalen Standard und können je nach Region abweichen.
X Achse Eilgang X Achse Verfahrweg Y Achse Verfahrweg Z Achse Verfahrweg Achsen Eilgang
X Achse Eilgang Y Achse Eilgang Z Achse Eilgang
Max. Spindelleistung Max. Spindel Drehmoment Werkzeugaufnahme
Tischlänge Tischbreite Palettengröße Maximale Werkstückgröße
Anzahl der Werkzeuge
Länge Höhe Breite Gewicht
VX 6500C
550 mm 1050 mm 650 mm
30 m/min 30 m/min 30 m/min
12000 r/min 117.8 N·m
1200 mm 650 mm 800 kg
30 ea
3000 mm 3100 mm 2920 mm 10000 kg
VX 6500G
550 mm 1050 mm 650 mm
30 m/min 30 m/min 30 m/min
12000 r/min 117.8 N·m
1200 mm 650 mm 800 kg
30 ea
4390 mm 3100 mm 2940 mm 10000 kg
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