VX 6500G
X-Axis Travel Distance
Y-Axis Travel Distance

VX series

Vertical Machining Centers for high-precision graphite and ceramic machining

VX series machines have a double-column configuration that ensures high-speed and high-precision processing which, in addition to their innovative low-noise, high-accuracy spindles, makes them ideal for graphite and ceramic machining.￿ ￿ The vertical machining center series provides outstanding precision and guaranteed performance. The optimised feed system and a number of high-efficiency peripheral systems and devices improve productivity , efficiencies and process reliability.

Easy to Operate
High Productivity
High Precision


￿ Application of Double-Column Structure￿

Equipped with a stable double column structure and a high-rigidity feed system, the series delivers best-in-class results for the high-speed machining of ceramic and/or graphite workpieces.

X/Y/Z : 1050 mm/ 650 mm/550 mm

￿ High-rigidity and high-reliability spindle￿

High-precision machining performance guaranteed by applying an innovative low-noise, high-precision spindle

12000r/min {20000 / 30000/ 40000}

￿ Optimization package enables customization for different machining requirements￿

MHigh-precision performance achieved by optimizing the feed system and using high-efficiency peripheral devices to ensure process security and reliability.

- Ceramic Filter System

- Graphite Dust Collection System


Product Specifications

  • These specifications are based on the global standard and may differ by region.
X-Axis Rapid Traverse X-Axis Travel Distance Y-Axis Travel Distance Z-Axis Travel Distance Rapid Traverse
X-Axis Rapid Traverse Y-Axis Rapid Traverse Z-Axis Rapid Traverse
Max. Spindle Power Max. Spindle Torque Tool Taper
Table Length Table Width Pallet Size Maximum Workpiece weight
No. of tool station
Length Height Width Weight
VX 6500C
550 mm 1050 mm 650 mm
30 m/min 30 m/min 30 m/min
12000 r/min 117.8 N·m
1200 mm 650 mm 800 kg
30 ea
3000 mm 3100 mm 2920 mm 10000 kg
VX 6500G
550 mm 1050 mm 650 mm
30 m/min 30 m/min 30 m/min
12000 r/min 117.8 N·m
1200 mm 650 mm 800 kg
30 ea
4390 mm 3100 mm 2940 mm 10000 kg
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