DBM 2550U
Max. Spindle Speed
15000 r/min
X-Axis Travel Distance
5250 mm
Y-Axis Travel Distance
3000 mm

DBM U series

Multi-purpose double column machining center

The DBM U is a multi-purpose, double-column machining center that can perform 5-axis machining with the attachment of a universal head. It has a powerful spindle of over 1000Nm, a ram-type structure with an eight-sided support structure, and a double ball screw, which make it suitable for diverse machining applications. Moreover, to enhance precision, it incorporates a ball screw support bearing cooling system and adopts thermal deformation compensation as a standard, making it suitable for high-precision machining.

Easy to Operate
High Productivity
High Precision


￿ Broad range of machining capabilities￿

Auto-change attachments

￿ High-precision and high-speed mold machining performance￿

DSQ I/II/III functions

High-precision/ high-speed head attachments

￿ Convenient machining functions￿

Easy pattern cycles

Work load counter control

Automatic feed control


Product Specifications

  • These specifications are based on the global standard and may differ by region.
Table to spindle nose
X-Axis Travel Distance Y-Axis Travel Distance Z-Axis Travel Distance
Max. Spindle Speed Max. Spindle Power Max. Spindle Torque Tool Taper
Table Length Table Width
No. of tool station
Length Height Width Weight
DBM 2030U
900 mm
3250 mm 2500 mm 1000 mm
15000 r/min 46/34 KW 146 N.m HSK-A100
3000 mm 1500 mm
60 ea
12265 mm 5810 mm 6000 mm 37000 kg
DBM 2040U
900 mm
4250 mm 2500 mm 1000 mm
15000 r/min 46/34 KW 146 N·m HSK-A100
4000 mm 1500 mm
60 ea
14265 mm 5810 mm 6000 mm 41000 kg
DBM 2540U
900 mm
4250 mm 3000 mm 1000 mm
15000 r/min 146 N·m HSK-A100
4000 mm 2000 mm
60 ea
14265 mm 5810 mm 7430 mm 46000 kg
DBM 2550U
900 mm
5250 mm 3000 mm 1000 mm
15000 r/min 46/34 KW 146 N·m HSK-A100
5000 mm 2000 mm
60 ea
16265 mm 5810 mm 7430 mm 50000 kg
DBM 3050U
900 mm
5250 mm 3500 mm 1000 mm
15000 r/min 46/34 kW 146 N·m HSK-A100
5000 mm 2500 mm
60 ea
16265 mm 5810 mm 7430 mm 54000 kg


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