DNM 5700 4th
Max. Spindle Speed
8000 r/min
X-Axis Travel Distance
1050 mm
Y-Axis Travel Distance
570 mm

DNM 4th

High Productivity Global Standard Vertical machining center

Used by numerous customers around the world, the DNM series is a global bestseller that represents the culmination of DN Solutions' fifty years of technology and know-how, and is a market leader with the highest productivity and durability in its class. With DN Solutions' 4th DNM series, you will experience unrivaled reliability.

Excellent Machining Capability
High Precision


￿ Best-in-class productivity and reliability

Best-in-class productivity and processing area

Improved thermal displacement performance over previous generations for increased reliability

Improved rapid performance and axis acceleration-deceleration performance

Maximized productivity with improved chip-to-chip time

￿ Direct-coupled spindle adopted￿

￿ As a standard feature to improve machining accuracy

Reduced noise and vibration for improved machining precision

High-torque, high-speed spindle available as optional feature

Programmable flood coolant available as optional feature for increased user convenience

￿ ECO-Friendly￿

Built-in power consumption monitoring function

Highly efficient coolant pump reduces energy usage

Energy consumption reduced with improved oil cooler operational logic for spindles

Grease lubrication function reduces oil consumption

￿ Improving Operational Convenience￿

EZ WORK Upgraded, New Control Buttons Added

A new tool management function has been added and the design has been changed for easier operation.

￿ ￿ ￿

￿ Multi-Level AWC￿

Improved unmanned operation time compared to the Single Level AWC

Optimal space-saving multi-level stacking system: up to 40 pallets

Easy to install and maintain locally

Easy to grasp the current status of the system at glance

Product Specifications

  • These specifications are based on the global standard and may differ by region.
X-Axis Travel Distance Y-Axis Travel Distance Z-Axis Travel Distance
X-Axis Rapid Traverse Y-Axis Rapid Traverse Z-Axis Rapid Traverse
Max. Spindle Speed Max. Spindle Power Max. Spindle Torque Tool Taper
Table Length Table Width Maximum Workpiece weight
Length Height Width Weight
DNM 4500 4th
800 mm 450 mm 510 mm
42 m/min 42 m/min 36 m/min
8000 r/min 18.5 kW 117.8 N-m ISO #40 
800 mm 450 mm 600 kg
2200 mm 2980 mm 2835 mm 5000 kg
DNM 5700 4th
1050 mm 570 mm 510 mm
42 m/min 42 m/min 36 m/min
8000 r/min 18.5 kW 117.8 N-m ISO #40 
1050 mm 570 mm 1000 kg
2470 mm 2980 mm 3320 mm 6500 kg
DNM 6700 4th
1300 mm 670 mm 625 mm
36 m/min 36 m/min 30 m/min
15000 r/min 18.5 kW 117.8 N-m ISO #40 
800 mm 450 mm 600 kg
2670 mm 3095 mm 3560 mm 8500 kg
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