PUMA 1000A
Chuck size
Max. Turning Diameter
1000 mm
Max. Turning Length
2040 mm

PUMA 1000 series

Largest Box Guideway HTC for Big Components

Designed to meet, head-on, the challenges associated with machining large,
￿ heavy and awkward shaped workpieces.

Easy to Operate
High Productivity
Shorter Setting Time
Heavy Duty Cutting of Large Workpieces


￿ Perfect specification for machining large work pieces￿

Max. turning length : 2000 mm

Max. turning diameter : 1000 mm

Precise machining of large parts made from tough and difficult-to-machine materials.

￿ Provides a range of pipe machining solutions￿

PUMA 1000 series machines are capable of threading work.

Max. Ø560 mm big bore spindle ideal for working on shafts and other similar parts

￿ Improved productivity￿

Improved machining stability and productivity

Turret indexing is possible even with a long boring bar mounted on the turret


Product Specifications

  • These specifications are based on the global standard and may differ by region.
Chuck size Max. Turning Diameter Max. Turning Length
X-Axis Rapid Traverse Z-Axis Rapid Traverse X-Axis Travel Distance Z-Axis Travel Distance
Max. Spindle Speed Max. Spindle Power Max. Spindle Torque
No. of tool station
Length Height Width Weight
PUMA 1000A
ORDER MADE  1000 mm 2040 mm
12 m/min 16 m/min 540 mm 2130 mm
500 r/min 75 kW 11011 N·m
10 ea
6595 mm 2835 mm 3210 mm 21000 kg
PUMA 1000B
ORDER MADE  1000 mm 2040 mm
12 m/min 16 m/min 540 mm 2130 mm
300 r/min 75 kW 12040 N·m
10 ea
6595 mm 2835 mm 3210 mm 23000 kg
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